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Who We Are

The Yoga Society Ireland is a non-profit organisation based in the Republic of Ireland. We are a group of people joined by our love and enjoyment of the principles and the practice of yoga. The society is an all encompassing and welcoming group which is open to all ages and abilities. Yoga is for everyone.

What We Do

The society runs events throughout the year enabling people to attend a day of yoga or a residential stay. There are also classes which are taught by our highly trained and qualified yoga teachers. Yoga is a lifestyle concept and not a fad or fashion statement. Its roots are based on finding balance in one’s life, awareness and understanding and marrying this mind, body and soul. Our classes encourage balance through the class structure which incorporates basic physical loosening up, postures, breath control, relaxation and meditation techniques. Every individual is just that; individual. Their needs are unique. Our approach reflects this through the various classes and events we run through the year. The aim is a happy, balanced and fulfilling experience without any pressure.

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We do have annual membership. However, the events we run are open to non-members. Full details of membership are on our membership page.

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Yoga Classes

Experience tranquility; visit our yoga classes page for harmonious mind-body rejuvenation.

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Information Portal

Stay informed; visit our yoga news page for the latest on holistic wellness

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